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The first ecclesiastical unit with Kolkata as its headquarters was established in 1834; it was called the Vicariate Apostolic of Bengal. Msgr Patrick Carew was Vicar Apostolic when in 1840 a Spanish Carmelite Father went to settle in Koikhali, the first mission of the 24-Parganas. (Koikhali is still on the map of the Raghabpur Parish).  But in 1847 there was nobody to take over.

The Belgian Jesuits came in 1859. Under Msgr. Steins SJ Father Goffinet SJ linked the past by going to Koikhali in 1868; there he lived a saintly life, of whom the people still speak about. But it was Father E. Delplace SJ the pioneer, who went around establishing five  mission stations in four years (1873-1877). In 1877 Msgr. P. Goethals became theVicar Apostolic. “The countryside was practically sacrificed to Chota Nagpur.”  Out of five, three Missions were closed and only  two were kept: namely Morapai and Raghabpur. No wonder that 2800 Catholics we traced in the 24-Parganas District in 1888 had only increased to 3700 in 1920.

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